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Classes & Instructors

Our experienced instructors will help you achieve your training goals 

Culverstone Dog Training Club takes pride in helping members train their dogs through our weekly training classes aimed to assist each dog's training needs. Whether taking the the first steps in your puppy's training or looking to progress into pet or competitive obedience we have a class for you and your puppy or dog.

Each of our training classes has a designated instructor, find out more by reading their profiles below

Jo Newman

Our obedience instructor Jo Newman has been an asset to Culverstone Dog Club for many years, not only instructing a weekly obedience class but is responsible for a great deal of the organisation for our Summer and Winter open dog shows. Jo also is prevalent in Fly Ball and has owned, trained and worked Border Collies for many years.

Madeleine Loft

Maddie has been a member of Culverstone Dog Training Club for many years and instructs our Competitive Obedience class. Maddie is also a competitor, having competed at all levels, including working Ticket. She is also a judge and is able to judge all classes including Open C.

Jenny Lunn

Jenny is our monthly guest trainer, she has competed at the highest level of competitive obedience for many years, achieving the highest accolade of Crust Obedience Champion with her dog Millie. In addition to competing Jenny judges at all levels, including ticket, she is a very highly respected trainer and we are fortunate to benefit from her experience.

Linda Baldock

Linda has many years experience competing with her dogs within the highest classes of competitive obedience. In addition to competing Linda is also a well known judge and is qualified to judge classes of all levels up to ticket. Linda is a great addition to our team of instructors, her wealth of knowledge is beneficial to the classes she teaches.

Sheila Flight

Sheila has been a member of Culverstone Dog Training Club for many years and provides training for our puppy and Kennel Club Good Citizens. The elementary classes are a great way to start your dogs training and is aimed to give an informal introduction to dog obedience.

Dog Training Classes

We offer a range of training classes for you and your dog

Below you will find more about each of the classes we run

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Puppy Training Classes

Training your puppy is essential for responsible dog ownership.

Puppy training classes are conducted in a group environment to develop socialisation skills and help form long lasting, healthy relationships between puppy and owner.

Classes are run under the guidance our experienced instructors, the course lasts for 8 weeks. During this time you will be taught the essentials to help you and your puppy form a respectful working relationship, learn basic dog training techniques to encourage good behaviour and develop clear communication.

The puppy foundation class is intended for puppies and young dogs who have completed their vaccinations and have received minimal training. All our classes are non-competitive with the emphasis on progressing your dog's learning and understanding, the class is held weekly and lasts 45 minutes.

On completion of the course, should you wish to continue your dog's training, we have a range of classes that can help you both develop further.

Classes are held every Wednesday at Culverstone Community Centre, Meopham, Kent.

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Our Next Puppy Course Start Dates
03/07/202417:30 - 18:00
28/08/202417:30 - 18:00
23/10/202417:30 - 18:00

Obedience Dog Training Classes

Culverstone Dog Training Club runs weekly training classes open to handlers and dogs at every stage of the competition ladder. Our experienced instructors are on hand to guide you through your training journey. Whether starting out in pre-beginners or have advanced to open C we have a class that can support you.

The club holds an annual Open Show and two day Championship Show that attracts handlers and dogs from all over the country, it is run and supported by our members and is a key show in the competition calendar.

Class Times
Puppy17:30 - 18:00
Bronze Good Citizen18:00 - 18:45
Bronze Good Citizen18:45 - 19:30
Pre-Beginner to Beginner19:30 - 20:30
Novice to C20:30 - 21:45

Kennel Club Good Citizen: Bronze Award

Our club supports the Kennel Club's Good Citizen scheme. The Bronze award aims to provide training that enhances good behaviour on the lead, positive social interactions and to be accustomed to everyday handling (e.g. grooming, cleaning, and veterinary inspections).

The Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze award is open to dogs of all ages. Whether you've just taken on your first puppy or have rescued an adolescent or older dog you can learn the key training elements that will form the basis of a positive relationship.

For more information regarding the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme

Kennel Club Good Citizen
Class Times

Our Good Citizen classes run on a weekly basis - every Wednesday evening (times below) - and last for about 45 minutes; we don't want you or the dogs getting tired!

Bronze Good Citizen 18:00 - 18:45
Bronze Good Citizen 18:45 - 19:30