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Show Results & Competition Closing Dates


Club Members Achievements 2024

Our members have made a great start to their new obedience show season, below are the latest results:

Chris & Lola: Norfolk Show Class: B, Placed: 3rd

Chris & Lola: Oxhey Show, Class: B, Placed: 2nd

Denise & Jack: Chesvale Show, Class Novice, Placed: 2nd

Denise & Jack: Chesvale Show, Class: A, Placed: 5th

Dave & Amber: Norfolk Show, Class: Novice, Placed: 6th

Maddie & Taff: Norfolk Show, Class: Novice, Placed: 4th

Maddie & Taff: Norfolk Show, Class: Novice, Placed: 1st

Sandy & Merlin: St Edwards Show, Class: Beginner, Placed: 1st

Denise & Finn: Plymouth Show, Class: A: Placed: 1st

Denise & Jack: Plymouth Show, Class: Novice, Placed: 2nd

Denise & Jack: Plymouth Show, Class: Novice, Placed: 6th

Chris & Lola: St Edwards Show, Class: B, Placed: 4th

Elizabeth & Barney: Warlingham Show, Class: Intro, Placed: 6th

Maddie: Warlingham Show, Class: Novice Bitch Placed: 2nd

Maddie & Taff: Warlingham Show, Class: Novice Dog, Placed: 1st

Sandy & Merlin:Warlingham Show, Class: Beginner Dog, Place: 2nd

Chris & Lola: Warlingham Show, Class: B Bitch, Placed: 2nd

David & Amber: Exeter Show, Class: Novice Bitch, Placed: 1st

Congratulations to our members and their dogs, great to see your hard work rewarded


Culverstone DTC

Open and Champsionship Show 

SATURDAY 20th to SUNDAY 21st JULY 2024



Our summer shows are fast approaching and are always a great success, to ensure the shows run smoothly we rely on the help of our members, so if you can give us some of your time before, on the day or after the show to help clear away it will be greatly appreciated


other items of interest


Show Closing Dates Closing Soon

for the 

South & South East of England 

Winchester City DTC Sunday 14th July: Entries close 17th June

Culvestone DTC Saturday 20th & 21st July: Entries close 17th June

North West Kent DTC, 27th & 28th July: Entries close 17th June

Witham & District DTC, 3rd August: Entries close 22nd June

Halstead DTC, 4th August: Entries close 24th June

Ditton DTC, 18th August: Entries Close 1st July

Great Baddow DTC, 1st September: Entries close 3rd August

Micheldever DTC, 14th & 15th September: Entries close 19th August

Elm Park DTC, 5th & 6th October: Entries close 9th September

This is just a brief overview of upcoming shows in our area

Please check shows via With Your Dog and Obedience UK where the full listings of shows are available



Class cancellations: will be relayed via the club's Facebook page, Class Messenger and the Website

Puppy and Bronze Class Changes:

Puppy Class: will now be held from 5.30pm to 6.00pm

Bronze Good Citizens: will now have two classes 

6.00pm to 6.45pm and 6.45pm to 7.30pm


If a dog or puppy going missing or being stolen is every owners fear there are services that can help

DOG LOST offers support and is the UK's largest lost and found dog service

Report your dog missing or stolen to your local authority dog warden and police

also notify local rescue centres and vet practices

Some other helpful contacts are Battersea Dogs & Cats Home and the The Dogs Trust 

MICROCHIPPING: is a legal requirement, your dog or puppy's details should be stored on a government recognised database.

If you do not know which database holds your dogs details you can check via Check-a-Chip.

It is your responsibility to ensure your puppy and dog's details are kept up to date so

should the worst happen you can increase your chances of being reunited. 

Keep a recent photo of your pet, show distinctive markings so they can be easily

recognised should they be found up by a dog warden or rescue centre

PET ID TAGS are a legal requirement and are required even if you dog has a microchip so that your dog or puppy is clearly identified.

Any dog in a public place must wear a collar or identity tag with the owner's name,

address and postcode engraved or written on it. It is not recommended that the dog's name is

applied to the tag should your dog be stolen.